Ideas for Small Bathrooms

If you live in the city, in a smaller house, or your house just happens to have a small bathroom, you may find it difficult to come up with ways to upgrade it and make it look nicer or more modern. It would be helpful to know how to make small bathrooms comfortable, beautiful, and useful despite the small size. Try these ideas from Rogers Builders to make your bathroom seem bigger and better. Saving space, using the right colors, and utilizing certain lighting with just a few clever designs ideas can help you achieve the look you’re going for.

Sometime in the morning, more than one person may be needing to use the sink to get ready for work or school. Most people opt to build two sinks to sort out this issue. Small bathrooms sometimes may not have the space to accommodate two sinks. The smart compromise is building one long sink with two faucets. This enable two people to use the one sink at the same time while utilizing less space than two sinks.

Towel racks are a big part of the bathroom and should be installed so that it is conveniently placed and saves on wall space. Towel bars can be installed on the washstand to prevent having the bars hung in inconvenient areas of the bathroom.

Furniture in the bathroom makes a tremendous difference in determining how your bathroom looks. Ensure that every piece of furniture in the bathroom has a function and does not take up unnecessary space. Big cabinets are not recommended as they would look too bulky in a smaller bathroom. Open shelving or floating shelves make storage fashionable, while wooden crates drilled into the wall, can be used instead of large furniture. Open shelves allow you to display the colorful towels and bathrobes making the bathroom feel more open.

Bright colors add warmth to anything. The play of colors and light in the bathroom can transform it from a sullen space, to a place that gets you amped and ready for the day. The colors should add depth to the bathroom and show creativity. Ensure that the flow of light is not interrupted by anything in the bathroom. The line of sight being clear makes the room appear larger while beautiful colors bring life into the bathroom. It is however important that you do not overwhelm the room, let everything; from the tiles to the walls, blend together.

The bathroom should be a place to prepare for a new day and unwind after a long busy day. You should make sure that it is a place you look forward to going by making it beautiful and full of warmth. If you have a small bathroom and you would like to try some of these ideas, contact Rogers Builders today to get the renovations done quickly and professionally.


Special Tax Week Post: Taking the Pain Out of Tax Season By Preparing Early

With this being tax week, we decided to feature a post that would be helpful for those of you who find tax season, well, taxing. Rogers Builders understands how overwhelming life can be sometimes, especially around April 15th, so we wanted to take this opportunity to showcase a few tax preparation tips that will get you off on the right foot for the 2017 tax season.


Taking the Pain Out of Tax Season By Preparing Early

Raise your hand if you put off doing your income taxes until the last minute every single year. Yeah, we thought so. If you are one of the millions of Americans who miss the tax deadline every year, then this post is for you. Tax season doesn’t have to be the hideous chore we all make it out to be. Put these simple suggestions into action and next year’s tax season will seem like a tea party.

Make Tax Time a Family Affair

Keeping track of all of the year’s expenditures, receipts, bills, payments and such can be an overwhelming job for just one person. This would be a great opportunity to teach teens how to budget and keep track of spending while they are secretly organizing your tax information all year long for you. Shhhh we won’t tell.

Double Check Everything

We realize tax preparation is one of those things that you just want to get done and over with so you can move on with life, however, one simple math error could end up costing you in the end. Take your time and get into the habit of double checking everything. You can add up receipts as the year goes by so when you reach tax time all you have to do is input your data.

Invest in a Tax Binder

We’ve all seen those scenes in movies where people are doing their taxes and they pull out 15 shoe boxes from the closet that are teeming with random papers and receipts. Trust us when we say, you don’t want to be that guy. Invest a little cash in a nice binder. That way you can keep everything in one place and even take it with you if need be as you collect documents throughout the year.

Start Using Bookkeeping Software for Your Small Business

Keeping track of expenses and spending throughout the year is a lot easier when you use bookkeeping software like Quickbooks. Dealing with your business transactions is more accurate when you do it little by little monthly rather than trying to do it all in a rush right before taxes are due. Investing in some type of bookkeeping software is one of the best moves you can make not only for your tax preparation but for your business as well.

There’s no reason that filing your taxes needs to be a huge ordeal. If you take a little bit of time every week throughout the year to take an accounting for your finances, organize receipts, and gather documents tax season should be easy like Sunday morning.

renovation techniques

3 Inexpensive Renovation Techniques

Oftentimes, a room may lose some of its glamour after a few years due to either outdated wall design or simply visual monotony. You may think that fixing this would be an expensive undertaking, however, a total room makeover does not have to be a capital intensive venture. Rather, by using some simple and cheap methods, transforming a room from dull to beautiful can only take a few bucks. Use these three inexpensive renovation techniques.

Faux Painting

Ranked among the most popular room makeover techniques, faux painting involves the use of special and decorative painting finishes and techniques that largely resemble wallpaper, to get a desired wall pattern or room decor. This involves either ragging, glazing, wood graining, sponging, or free hand design.

With faux painting, any number of finishes can be obtained on a flat surface. However, for a more textured feel and 3D design, layering of the finishes can achieve major transformations to a once dull room. By layering and 3D modelling with faux painting, desired effects such as crumbling masonry, a protruding stone from the wall or peeling paint can be achieved seamlessly. The finishes can also be designed to resemble popular patterns such as linen, denim, or grass cloth.

Drywall Textures

Drywall textures transform the outlook of a room by adding new design and architectural touches, or re-texturing the whole ceiling and wall. Via this approach, the whole outlook, of a room changes drastically, without doing major construction.

There are many ways of applying drywall textures during home renovation. Drywall texturing is a job that’s easy enough for you to do on your own, although you can find many guides and instructions to help you online. No matter what you want your drywall to look like you can find a way to make it work. Another common approach is when a new texture is pasted over old texture; such as adding a layer of hand-troweled joint compound to an old texture so as to resemble plaster. This approach gives a visually captivating outlook that majorly transforms how the room previously looked like.

Non-traditional Wall Coverings

Renovating a room does not necessarily mean that new plaster has to be raised up or new paint has to be splashed all over the walls. Rather, great wall coverings can be used instead to substitute the paint and plaster needed. This is a rather similar approach to buying and installing wallpapers, but wall coverings have much more promise and much more aesthetic value when used aptly.

Grasscloth, cork, and bright fabrics are some of the most popular wall coverings used during a room makeover.

Alternatively, some people prefer:

  • Foils– these are loved particularly for their silver reflective surfaces and the contemporary patterns you can get them etched with.
  • Paper-backed fabric– this particularly hides the defects on the wall and adds to the overall appearance of the room.
  • Cork– this is common in family rooms and offices due to the woodsy, cozy, and dark effect they offer.

Great room renovation at extremely low prices are possible. With a little know-how and some elbow grease, you can get your room looking great in no time! While great for small changes, if you need big renovations, contact a professional renovation or construction service, such as Rogers Builders. They will renovate your house the way you want, or even need help with smaller renovations. Contact Rogers Builders today to find out how they can help you with your needs.

shreveport custom built homes

Shreveport Custom Built Homes: 8 Repairs To Prep Your House For Spring

Spring is a time to enjoy the beauty of nature after it’s been cold and before it gets too hot. Winter weather can have harmful effects on your house, and Spring provides a good time to do any work easily before it gets super hot. It’s like spring cleaning, but for house repairs!

Here are some tips from Rogers Builders, shreveport custom built homes construction company, to prep your house for spring.

Inspect and Repair the Roof

Check the roof carefully and patiently for missing, wrapped, or loose shingles. Make sure that these are replaced promptly. The chimney flashing and seals for the skylight should be intact. Call a professional to help fix these to prevent any leaks from the roof.

Repair gutters, making sure they are well secured on the house. If the gutters are intact, be sure to clear all debris from winter storms. Blocked and loose gutters will allow water to slip into unwanted places, even destroying the trim.

Waterproof your Basement

The roof is not the only place water can enter through. Shreveport custom built homes construction company, Rogers Builders, says that water entering through the basement can severely damage your home. If you have a basement you should make sure that your basement is kept dry by sealing any leakages with waterproofing masonry paint. Areas near the foundation should be filled and compacted with soil. Spring rains are known to cause flooding. This water can not only get into the house but also create a breeding ground for insects.

Check Your Drainage

Make sure that all drainage is working properly. Poor drainage can flood the basement. Make sure that all downspouts drain water away from the house. Clear the drainage of debris to allow water to flow freely. Check and make sure that the grading leads water away from the house.

Check Door and Window Seals

Use a screwdriver to probe the window and door exteriors for any loose caulking that may let in water. Ensure that everything is watertight and held into place.

Patch up

Cracks on the steps, driveway, or sidewalk may hold water and expand if left unpatched. Before the spring storms come, ensure that you get a professional to help you patch up and keep water out.

Cut Branches

Avoid danger and damage to your house by making sure all branches that hang near the house are cut. During a storm, branches may break and fall on the roof causing damage and injuries.

Check Leaking Pipes

Make sure that there are no leaking pipes. Winter may cause pipes to burst due to frozen water inside them. When used without being repaired, they will cause leakages that can damage your property. Check all plumbing and taps to ensure that water and waste is flowing as it should. Check the gas pipes to ensure that it is working well and without leaks. Although water freezing in pipes in Southern California is unlikely, it’s still good to routinely check them.

Air Conditioning

Roger Builders recommends that you get a technician to check and fix your air conditioning to make sure you are well ventilated when temperatures soar. It is also good to check and repair all other electrical appliances.

If you need professional help with some problems you encounter while doing your Spring prep, or if you are interested in renovating or doing construction on your house, contact Roger’s Builders today. If you are looking for the best in Shreveport custom built homes, Roger’s Builders has years of experience and wants to help you reach your goals for your house.