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How to Add or Expand Closet Space

In the modern world, a closet is considered as integral a part of every room as a floor or a ceiling, however, having a small closet is a real nightmare especially for individuals who might be residing in tiny apartments, condos or even an old house with pre-existing closets. When faced with such a predicament, you are most likely asking yourself if there is any way you can add or expand your closet space. Well, the following overview on how to increase or expand closet space might prove invaluable.

Stand-Alone Closets

Stand alone closets are perhaps one of the best ways through which an individual can increase closet space within a room. Stand alone closets or wardrobes as they are sometimes called, can be easily installed along a wall in a room and usually end up creating plenty of closet space. As a rule, you should first start by identifying areas within your bedroom that would be most suitable for the installation of standalone closets. The room is most probably small and as such, the additional closet should be installed in such a way that it does not make the room looked stuffed and leaves plenty of space for fluid movement throughout the room.

As a guideline, the closet should be installed strategically so as not to obstruct the natural flow of light into a room from the windows, as the slightest obstruction might end up making the room looked cramped. The installation should not be a new obstruction and in view of this, should be kept clear of commonly used paths within a room. The best location for a standalone closet is at the corners of a room or next to an existing closet.

Make Use of Space

This is another viable option when it comes to expanding space within your closet. Closets are usually meant for clothes and shoes but as a norm, we tend to store all kinds of random stuff that would have otherwise fit perfectly elsewhere. Carry out a thorough assessment of your closet and remove clutter such as magazines and boxes from the closet. You will be amazed at how much extra space you have. Clearing out clutter and organizing your closet will create plenty of room which you never thought you had.

Closet Additionals

You most likely have one hanging rod in your closet, but have you considered adding a second one? Most closets have plenty of space and can hold two hanging rods with a slight adjustment, either above or behind the main hanging rod. This doubles the hanging space and capacity of your closet for just a few dollars and a few minutes of your time; no renovation necessary.

Unused Space

Take a close look at your closet, does it go up straight to the ceiling or occupy three-quarters of the room height? If it occupies three-quarters of the room height, then you have a lot of unused space. A slight adjustment of the closet to occupy the entire height of the room will provide you with plenty of closet space. Consider adding shelving in the top unused portion of your closet to store items that are rarely used but must be kept.

Converting a Room

For individuals who might be wondering how to convert or expand closet space, this is another great idea. If your house has extra bedrooms that might not be in use, you can consider carrying out a minor renovation and converting one of the bedrooms into a walk-in closet.

After exploring your options, the next course of action would be to look for a renovation company to carry out your designs. Rogers Builders is one such company that offers excellent services when it comes to renovations. Be it setting up stand-alone closets, closet expansion or even walk-in closet conversion, Rogers Builders not only has the capacity to offer you expert advice but also carry out the renovation at a professional standard that is guaranteed to satisfy your every closet need.


5 Things to Consider Before Building a Deck

A deck adds a little something special to a home and increases its resale value should you choose to sell. Building a deck is an ideal opportunity to give your home a comfy, inviting spot surrounded by nature where you and your family can rest and relax after a long day, but before you have the deck built, there are a few things that you should consider that will help you build a beautiful outdoor area.


A well designed deck is an expression of your lifestyle and an extension of your home. Its decorative details, size and style should match your taste and fit the purpose of the deck. In addition to that, it should also complement the environment and connect to the natural elements of your home. The purpose of a deck dictates its features, shape as well as size.

A deck to hold family dinners:
The deck for this purpose should be built in such a way that the dinner table fits comfortably and leaves enough space for movement.

A deck to hold cocktail parties and barbecues:
Enough room should be left to act as the preparation station and servicing area. Built in perimeter seating should also be added

A deck to sit back and relax
Most decks are built for this purpose; to serve as a place where you can enjoy the outdoor air as you read a book or just relax. Such a deck should have a zone for low tables, lounge chairs and a sunny or shady spot. A fireplace could also be added to warm the chilly nights.


Before building the deck, you should consider the best materials to use. The aesthetic aspect of the materials is not all that matters; their maintenance, affordability and durability are important details to take into consideration. The three most common decking materials are:

Softwood Decking
Softwood decking is ideal for budget conscious homeowners. It includes fir, cedar, spruce and pine. It is renewable and requires little or no maintenance. Keep in mind, however, it is best to only use timber that is pressure treated.

Hardwood Decking
Hardwood decking such as balau, mahogany, ash and oak is harder to wear compared to softwood decking but is more expensive. It requires maintenance at least once in five years to protect from rot and prolong its life.

Composite Decking
This is a fairly new type of decking material. The boards are a blend of plastic resin with wood fibres and they have a raised grain pattern that looks like wood. They are durable and require low maintenance. A major drawback of composite decking is that they lack strength and they are more expensive.


The design and pattern of the deck is mainly determined by its location and budget. To avoid overspending when building a deck, you should have a set budget before you begin building.

How you intend to use the deck also determines its design as well as size. The number of people that will use the deck at any one time as well as the size of the hot tub, BBQ or patio furniture that it should accommodate will play a role in the design of the deck as well.

Finishing Touches

The right finishing details gives a deck its individuality. The furniture and the style of the home influences how the woodwork will be trimmed and which fixtures to use. Some of the finishing touches to consider are:

Riser Light
This makes the stairs to the deck safe to climb especially when it is dark.

Post Base Trim
This is a beautiful way to hide the imperfect cuts and give the deck a better finished look.

Post Cap
This feature keeps water from getting to the end grain.

Lattice Skirt
This keeps critters out and hides the structure but allows ventilation.

Rules and Regulations

The construction and other aspects of a deck including its size are covered by local building codes. There are also guidelines on the materials to use, the finishing, and the appearance of handrail that should be followed when constructing a deck. Decks are easily visible and violation of the rules and regulations can lead to disaster or even lead to the forced demolition of the structure.

Construction of a deck requires the use of special equipment and expertise that most homeowners may lack, hence the need to hire a construction company. Rogers Builders is the construction company that can fill any construction or renovation needs. Contact us today for all your deck construction needs.


5 Recession Resistant Renovations

During trying economic times, selling a house can be tough. With the right renovations done in just the right places, your house will still be a competitive seller. With these renovations you will be able to sell just about any house in any market. Using a trusted renovation and construction company like Rogers Builders, you can have these recession-resistant renovations done in no time.


Although bathrooms are among the smallest rooms in the house, they have a significant impact on the people living there. The number, size, and condition of the bathrooms in a home can also be a huge factor in how well the house sells. In fact, the state of your bathroom can make the difference between a property that is sold immediately and a property that takes years to sell. Making sure that your bathrooms are not only fully functional, but looks good is important to selling a house.


The siding of your home not only protects your structure but also serves a decorative function. With a better quality siding, you have improved aesthetic appearance that works for the longevity of the structure. You can upgrade the siding of your home without spending exorbitant amounts of money. You can use lightweight aluminum or choose vinyl to upgrade your siding.


Every house needs good flooring. It’s important because the floor is the most used aspect of every home. The floor is the one part of the house that everyone is in constant contact with just about every hour of the day. It is important to have flooring that is in good condition and up to date when you sell. With regular foot traffic, your carpet is expected to last for at least eight years. You have many flooring options including carpet, hardwood, tile and laminate just to name a few. Having good looking flooring can make your house easier to sell even in difficult markets.

Kitchen Remodels

Remodeling your kitchen is a brilliant way to add value to your property. The kitchen has small but essential elements that may become the focus of home buyers. Do not be caught up in upgrading every facet if you’re on a budget. Focus on big things like the counters and cabinets to make your kitchen stand out to potential purchasers.


Property inspection does not necessarily fall under renovation, but it is a good practice that you can carry out. Occasionally have your home inspected by professionals. The chimney, for instance, costs less to clean and clear the debris. However, if unattended, it can be a source of fire which can cause you unprecedented damage. Inspections also help detect small problems pertaining to foundation, roofing, and waterproofing so damage will be prevented. 

Making recession resistant renovations to your house can make it easier to sell during a tough market. Having renovations in key selling areas that last a long time can add a lot of value to your house and help you be sure that you’re making a good investment with those renovations. If you’re looking for a renovation or construction company to take care of these renovations for you, call Rogers Builders. We will work with you and provide you with excellent service at a reasonable price. 


10 Creative Ways to Make Your Yard More Private

Having neighbors is great, but sometimes they can get a little too friendly. You want your back yard to be a safe haven for you and your family, but sometimes it can be hard if there’s not a lot of cover between you and your neighbor’s yards. How can you fix this problem?

You could build walls that prevent anyone from peering into your backyard. Nevertheless, this is not cost effective, and it may make your house look like a fortress, not necessarily attractive. You can landscape to create a natural wall of foliage which is much more aesthetically appealing, and will serve the same function. Here are some other creative ways that you can make your backyard more private:

Tiered Hanging Pots and Vines

You can add privacy and shade to your yard by layering hanging pots. You can plant trailing and fast-growing vines in pots and use flowering vines such as morning glories which can reach 20 feet in a short period of time. Check with your local plant nursery and ask which are the best plants for this type of project. 

Bamboo Screening

Bamboo makes excellent tall, lush, and dense screens. It can grow in a planter or on the ground depending on your preference. Use it in an area of the yard that has high exposure to a busy road or a neighboring home. Bamboo also adds an exotic look and feel to your yard, as it is not often used.

Make a Garden Wall

You can get crafty and make your very own garden wall. It gives you room to grow a herb garden and also creates privacy. Garden walls will be more welcome by neighbors as well because it provides some natural scenery along with privacy.

Walls of Plants

A natural wall of plants is the most beautiful way of creating a quiet retreat in your backyard, though it will take some timefor them to grow large enough to provide proper coverage and privacy. Tall, bushy plants such as Skyrocket, Gold Cone, Emerald, and Italian Cypress are best for maximum privacy.

Tall Garden Pots

Garden pots are quite popular and add several feet of height to your plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees. Place them close together to create a charming wall wherever privacy is needed. The selection of designer pots these day is tremendous. You’re sure to find something that will fit perfectly with your back yard decor.

Hedge Walls

A wall of hedges creates more privacy compared to a fence, however, it takes time to grow. It is great for extending fence height by placing them along the inside border. Hedges will also need to be trimmed and maintained so they look neat and orderly rather than wild and unruly.

Sound Barrier

Your privacy extends beyond sight especially if you live in a close-knit community where you practically share the same yard with your neighbors. Consider adding a water feature as a sound barrier. It even becomes more efficient if you live along a busy road with lots of traffic noise.

Lattice Panels

Lattice is very easy to work with and can be cut to fit any space. It is ideal for growing trailing vines, therefore it is an easy way to grow a wall of greenery. Lattice is also an inexpensive option if you are trying to keep costs low.

Outdoor Privacy Curtains

Privacy curtains that are made out of outdoor fabric serve as an attractive way to create a private retreat. They create shade and privacy just when you need it. You can even change out the curtains to suit the changing seasons.

Outdoor Privacy Screens

A privacy screen is less permanent than a fence. It can be moved around the yard as you wish. It adds privacy to a small area without having to commit to fencing in the entire backyard. They are available in every material imaginable, and you can even make your own.

There are a number of ways to give yourself more privacy in your backyard, but if you need to build a wall or fence, consider Rogers Builders. Rogers Builders is experienced in any construction or renovation needs you may be considering. If you’re considering any sort of construction or renovation, contact us today.