Tips For Avoiding Home Renovation Mistakes

If you are planning a home renovation, you probably don’t want it to cost more than it has to. Most people do major remodels once or twice in their lifetime, therefore, it is always necessary to make the most out of this time. Knowing when to take on a remodel and the things you will need to do will help you avoid the common pitfalls associated with home improvement. Here are the common remodeling mistakes to avoid and save money.

Poor Preparation

When you think through your project, you will be able to develop a  good plan for it. This will help you organize your budget and choose the right contractor for your project. Find a contractor who fits your personality, sit down and let them show you what their plan is and thereafter sign a contract with them. Once your project begins, remember to always try your best to stick to this plan no matter how much you may want to change it. Changes to the initial plan may end up being costly and could make the project take much longer than expected. Rogers Builders has done hundreds of home renovations over the years and can walk you through the planning and organizing process to make sure all your bases are covered.

Unlicensed Tradesmen

When it comes to specialized projects, it’s always best to look for a licensed professional in that field to complete the project. Take your time and do a little investigative work. Don’t settle for the lowest bidder thinking you will save some money. If you don’t have money to do it right the first time, you certainly will not have money to have it redone. Choose reputable professionals in each area of your project to stay on the safe side.

Too Much DIY

Though it is good for homeowners to take part in their renovations, it’s always best to leave the work to professionals when it comes to specialized projects like carpentry. A DIY home renovation is rarely easy, faster or even cheaper when it’s a DIY. And it is never as easy as it looks on TV. You are also most likely to skimp on things which may lead to recurring problems or ignore important things like a floor drain in the laundry room.

Budgeting Before Planning

It is advisable to never buy any remodeling materials until all the measurements have been taken. When your project is more detailed, you are able to make a more realistic budget. One of the costliest mistakes people make is buying kitchen cabinets only to find that they don’t fit during installation. After planning your budget, you can increase it by 20 percent as a contingency for the unexpected challenges that may arise when you cut walls and ceilings.

Ignoring Issues

During the remodeling process, surprises are likely to pop up especially in old homes. You may damage the walls and find electrical issues which you have to deal with immediately. It is always best to stay involved in the process in case things like this happen to ensure that they are dealt with quickly to avoid further renovation cost afterward.

Always remember that the more you plan, the more you are likely to avoid these mistakes. If you feel that you need someone who is qualified and capable of taking care of your home improvement, Rogers Builders is just a phone call away.


Simple Room Makeover Ideas

Every home needs a makeover every once in awhile. This creates a great opportunity to try something new and subsequently give a room a fresh appeal. Most people shy away from the thought of room makeovers because they consider them as expensive and time-consuming projects. However, there are simple room makeovers that do not require much financial and time input.

Simple room makeovers are quick and easy. With a few pieces of new interior decor, you can create a room makeover within minutes. For a more dramatic change, keep Rogers Builders in mind. We can help with small projects that can completely change the look and feel of a room.

Fresh Coat of Paint

The quickest way to give a room a new face is through painting. There are new, fun and vibrant colors modernly used for different types of rooms that you could explore. Bright colors such as orange, red, pink, yellow and green are currently trending in living rooms. This instantly makes a room fun and lively.

Adding new color encourages communication and lightens up the mood of the occupants. Cool colors such as blue and green are ideal for bathrooms. A soft blue, gray, lavender or light brown are perfect for the bedroom as they trigger relaxation hence promoting sleep. You can also opt for warm colors such maroon for a sophisticated appeal.

If you want an even more versatile option or a dramatic effect on your walls, then you should consider wallpaper. This facilitates a variety of designs on a single wall without a lot of fuss.  Unlike wall painting where some time will be needed to allow the paint to dry, wallpapers are a quicker option.

Soft Furnishing

Buy different colored, textured and shaped throw pillows for your couch. This makes an instant living room makeover. You could also switch your rug for a different colored one that will most likely match the new color on your walls or throw pillows. If you previously had dull colored pillow covers and area rug, opt for brightly colored replacements.


A quick and worthy investment associated with room makeovers is a change in upholstery. Invest in new covers for your seats, dining room chairs as well as drapes. If done well, your furniture may appear new and coordinated. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to refurbish old couches instead of purchasing new ones.

Light Fixtures

Changing your light fixtures is one of the easiest room makeovers and could take only a few minutes of your time. This applies to simple things like changing a lamp shade.

There are some cases where you may need to replace the old chandeliers and light bulbs. Opt for modern chandeliers and energy saving light bulbs. If the room is dark, consider brighter light bulbs or light fixtures that are designed to evenly distribute light to the room.

Room makeovers can be quick and inexpensive depending on the change needed. However, in order to make it less inexpensive, you could space the make-over out tackling only one room at a time. Bigger makeover projects such as changing the bathroom fixtures; sinks, bathtub, and shower cubicle, plumbing, window treatments, kitchen cabinets, and tiles may take more time and require more of your financial input. Roger’s Builders will come in handy the next time you require room makeovers. Their expert advice and skills go a long way in giving your home a picture perfect new look.

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Ready Made vs Customized Home Improvements: Which One to Choose?

Do you find that your home has become a bit drab? Could it use a little sprucing up? Taking on home improvements can be quite exciting, however, it is best to research which materials will be best suited for the job but appeal to your inner interior designer.

In this post we are doing to compare and contrast ready-made or prefabricated additions to your home and customized home improvements.

While customized home improvement entail more cost, there are still homeowners who prefer them because of the personal touch that they offer. On the other hand, homeowners who are on a budget prefer more affordable, ready-made home improvements. The decision is entirely up to you, but here are some comparisons that might help you make the best choice for your home and budget.

Ready-made vs. Customized Floors

Hardwood flooring is beautiful and can come in ready-to-install planks. All you need to do is to install them and make sure that they have a complementing effect. Homeowners who choose to go with the more expensive option may choose customized wood flooring. These homeowners opt for customized wood flooring because they want something that is uniquely theirs. Customized flooring would also entail additional time for ordering and installation and may even require professional installation.

Ready-made vs. Customized Doors

Doors can come in more assembled or less assembled forms. Different parts of doors can be ordered and assembled if you choose to create your own look. If you buy a pre-assembled door, you can install it on your own if you know some basic carpentry skills. These are doors where you would simply be replacing the actual door. If you were opting for replacing the entire door frame as well as the door you may want to consider leaving this work to the professionals.

Ready-made vs. Customized Cabinets

If you choose to buy a ready-made cabinet, you are obviously saving money, time and effort. But nowadays, there is also what is called “semi-customized cabinet.” You can alter its depth, height and width. If you don’t care about costs and you can afford to spend more, you can choose custom-built cabinets. You need to hire a professional craftsman in order to assemble these. It will also take more time before you can finish this project, so plan accordingly.

Ready-made vs. Customized Countertops

For countertops, you can choose between onsite and off-site fabrication. If you choose onsite fabrication, you will have limited design options. Measuring and installing these are also easier as compared to off-site fabrication. Off-site fabrication offers many edging and design choices. Fabricating it requires the use of heavy machinery, which of course, entails heavy costs as well.

Ready-made vs. Customized Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding requires a foam underlayment to upgrade its quality. The insulating layer can be added during the manufacturing phase or during the installation. Normally, homeowners would just upgrade their vinyl siding with their trusted manufacturer. But there are also homeowners who want to hire a vinyl siding contractor who can provide higher quality insulation. You can always contact Roger’s Builders for all your home improvement needs.

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How to Add or Expand Closet Space

Generally speaking, closets are considered as integral a part of every room as a floor or a ceiling, however, having a small closet is a real nightmare especially for individuals who might be residing in tiny apartments, condos or even an old house with pre-existing closets. When faced with such a predicament, you are most likely asking yourself if there is any way you can add or expand your closet space. The following is an overview on how to increase or expand closet space that may help you plan your future renovations.

Stand-Alone Closets

Stand alone closets are perhaps one of the best ways through which an individual can increase closet space within a room. Stand alone closets or wardrobes as they are sometimes called, can be easily installed along a wall in a room and usually end up creating plenty of closet space. As a rule, you should first start by identifying areas within your bedroom that would be most suitable for the installation of standalone closets. If your room is small, the additional closet should be installed in such a way that it does not make the room looked over crowded and leaves plenty of space for fluid movement throughout the room.

As a guideline, the closet should be installed strategically so as not to obstruct the natural flow of light into a room from the windows. The closet should be kept clear of commonly used walkways and paths within a room and should not in any way block doors or windows so as not to hinder exit in case of an emergency. The best location for a standalone closet is at the corners of a room or next to an existing closet.

Make Use of Space

This is another viable option when it comes to expanding space within your closet. Closets are usually meant for clothes and shoes but as a norm, we tend to store all kinds of random “stuff” that would have otherwise fit perfectly elsewhere. Carry out a thorough assessment of your closet and remove clutter such as magazines and boxes from the closet. You will be amazed at how much extra space you have. Clearing out clutter and organizing your closet will create plenty of room which you never thought you had.

Closet Additions

You most likely have one hanging rod in your closet, but have you considered adding a second one? Most closets have plenty of space and can hold two hanging rods with a slight adjustment, either above or behind the main hanging rod. This doubles the hanging space and capacity of your closet for just a few dollars and a few minutes of your time; no renovation necessary.

Unused Space

Take a close look at your closet, does it go up straight to the ceiling or occupy three-quarters of the room height? If your closet takes up a lot of vertical space, then you most likely have a lot of unused space. A slight adjustment of the closet to occupy the entire height of the room will provide you with plenty of closet space. Consider adding shelving in the top unused portion of your closet to store items that are rarely used but must be kept.

Converting a Room

For individuals who might be wondering how to convert or expand closet space, this is another great idea. If your house has extra bedrooms that might not be in use, you can consider carrying out a minor renovation and converting one of the bedrooms into a walk-in closet.

After exploring your options, the next course of action would be to look for a renovation company to carry out your designs. Rogers Builders is one such company that offers excellent services when it comes to renovations. Be it setting up stand-alone closets, closet expansion or even walk-in closet conversion, Rogers Construction not only has the capacity to offer you expert advice but also carry out the renovation at a professional standard that is guaranteed to satisfy your every closet need.


Handy Summertime Improvements for Your Home

With summer just arriving, people are going out of their way to soak in the sun while it still lasts. If you are like most people, there are several improvements you can make to your property while the weather is amazing and school is out…so you have a few extra hands on deck! There is still a lot of time to get your home ready for summertime festivities and 4th of July parties. If you are handy with a tool belt, you can accomplish each of the 4 projects outlined below and bring an extra boost to your home this summer. Not a DIY person? No worries, let Rogers Builders do the work for you.

A Deck For Cool Drinks And Warm Nights

The days of sunbathing have just begun and that means the time is right for some quality time with friends and family out on the deck. One of the best home improvements for people who love the outdoors is building a deck. Having a deck constructed for you will ensure that the job is done quickly and correctly so you still get a little mileage out of it before the temperature changes. Decks are great for relaxing and entertaining, in addition you can consider putting up a small kitchen if you are looking to create that perfect place to hang out during summer.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioning to Beat The Heat

Upgrading your air conditioning might be just what you need during summer to beat the heat. Though upgrading the air conditioner is more expensive compared to a tasty milkshake, good air conditioning is a great way of keeping the temperature inside your home at a comfy level even when the heat is intolerable outside. If your central air conditioning was put up several years ago, upgrading it will not only help in combating the heat it will also lower your energy bill. For homeowners who need to make minor remodeling changes to their homes to accommodate newer AC systems, consider calling Roger’s Builders.

Bathroom Remodels

While a bathroom makeover might seem like an unlikely project to engage in during summer, when you come to think of it, a nice bath during the sweaty months is always welcome. To update and beautify your bathroom, consider replacing worn out bath and shower fixtures with appliances that are more efficient and save you money. Currently, bathroom improvements are some of the most popular improvements and add considerably to the resale value of your home. In addition, a bathroom upgrade is an investment you will enjoy all year round.

Give Children a Remodel of Their Own

Adults usually perceive warm weather as the perfect time to soak in the sun and relax outdoors. For kids, summertime means playing outside, popsicles and no school. While upgrading the air conditioning and putting up a deck will be great for adults, your children will be impressed when you factor in upgrades that will enhance their playtime. Though expensive projects may be too much for some homeowners, putting up a playhouse or a backyard playground area would be a perfect addition for the kids. And if you are running short on ideas for your kids’ play area, you can always contact Roger’s Builders for assistance. We would be more than happy to offer our services.