Incredible Pool Deck Ideas

pool deck

A pool deck allows space for walking and sunbathing around a swimming pool. Since it is intended to enhance the feeling of relaxation around the pool, it is important to build a deck that is beautiful, non-slip and durable. The kind of deck you build will define the style and personality of your swimming pool. When constructing a pool deck, the design will be determined by the type of pool you have, whether it is above-ground or in-ground. You need to consider the pros and cons of your building space before choosing your design.

The process of building a deck is not as easy as you may think. If you opt to take the DIY route, count on spending a good amount on building materials. You may also need to purchase special tools that you may not have on-hand. Having some friends who are available to help out is always a plus. We suggest giving Rogers Builders a call. Leave the work to the professionals so you can enjoy your summer.

The actual construction of a pool deck has four main steps. The first step is building the support posts for the deck. You will then build the pool deck framework before installing the decking. The last step is installing the deck railing.

There are various designs that you can choose, depending on the type of pool you wish to construct.

Above-Ground Designs

Above-ground pool decks have increasingly become popular because they are easy to install and maintain.These decks are made using a variety of materials, and the design you choose will depend on your personal style and budget.

Wooden Decks

Wooden decks are universally popular around the world. This is mainly because of the flexibility they offer. Wooden decks are also more child-friendly in case of a fall and they are durable since they are built using treated timber. You can choose to build your deck out of many types of natural wood and then add a finish of your choice.

Aluminum Decks

Aluminum decks are typically sold together with an above-ground pool. As a result it is not easy to incorporate them with many other types of swimming pools. In addition, they are not affected by cold temperatures and they come with a carpet flooring that is very easy on the feet.

Resin Prefab Decks

Resin prefab decks are preferred because they are able to withstand cold weather without deteriorating. These decks are often used as substitute for aluminum decks. An advantage of these types of decks is that they are available in a wide range of interesting colors. Another advantage is that if you talk to the manufacturers, they can customize them according to your tastes.

Stone Decks

Stone decks are the most expensive pool deck designs. These decks last longer and are also easy to repair.

Composite Style Decks

Composite decks combine wood and stone and they offer the best value for money. These types of decks can meet the needs of most pool owners. This is because they combine the advantages of stone and wood. While wood is reliable and convenient to work with, stone is durable and easy to maintain.

In-Ground Design

These designs mainly use stone and concrete. However wood designs are also common. In-ground pool decks come in different shapes, sizes and orientations. The style of the deck can be enhanced by using innovative landscaping.

Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, Rogers Builders can create the perfect poolside deck to turn your backyard into the oasis you have always wanted. Give us a call today and let us show you how it’s done.