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This Design Technique is Providing Comfort to Sick Children

Children’s hospitals are meant to be places that are filled with calmness and reassurance for those who are faced with the harsh reality of childhood illness, giving them hope and a positive vibe, which has shown to improve recuperation. It has been discovered that a certain design technique, which incorporates appropriate integration of lighting, color and warm texture, goes a long way to offering an atmosphere that is comfortable for both patients and their loved ones as they proceed to understand the complications they face. With that in mind, designers of health care facilities are working to create such calming and comfy environments as a way to comfort and reassure the patients within the walls of their hospitals.

These design techniques can also be incorporated to help visitors and patients alike find their way around particular hospital spaces, as well as stir the general perception of color in the young minds of children as they complete their treatment. For a more detailed illustration of the best way to integrate colors in just the right way, below are two examples of hospitals that employ this design technique.

Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center, Yonkers, N.Y.

This facility is a nursing institution for all minor patients, and mostly for those who lack communicative capabilities and mobility. They also admit the visually-impaired, which is why the use of the trio combination of color, texture and lighting are the main center of focus in the overall design space. David Hutchinson, AIA and associate principal at Perkins Eastman, coordinated the entire design of the center using just the right color manipulation, offering every space therapeutic effects, normally what is referred to as color theory.  

This was all aimed at helping children who were receiving treatment associate easily and communicate well with their environment. Ideally, he combined the subtle touch of yellow on the floors of the facility where the babies stayed, while a violet hue was incorporated on the floors of all the older children. The rest of the design (floors, elevators and ceilings) of the center incorporated all the colors of the spectrum.  

Dayton Children’s Hospital, Dayton, Ohio

Here, the entirety of the design is an inspiration from the history of the city, which majorly reflects on all of its aerospace and invention. Basically, incorporation of lively colors with colorful iconography is what lays a base for the concept work. A look inside the tower shows a clear color concept on the floors, mostly the ones adjoining different buildings, in a bid to maintain a certain desired consistency. As one ascends, the rest of the building spaces have color patterns and flight symbols (hot air balloons and airplanes) of green and purple color. That particular color combo also plays a part in helping visitors and patients find their way around, mostly for those who have color blindness associated with red and green.  

As you can see, this design technique is highly incorporated in the children’s hospitals. These are just a few of the many facilities across the country that have incorporated these design aspects into their interior decorating.

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Simple Building Projects You Can Do With Your Kids

Let’s face it. It’s July, and that means that summer vacation is only half over. Most parents are at their wit’s ends right now trying to come up with fun and creative way to keep their kids busy so they stop saying, “I’m bored.”

A common struggle to most parents is how they can stop their kids from being too attached to their iPods, computers or the television and engage them in more productive activities. Fortunately, you can introduce them to the art of popcicle stick art, where you create unique and amazing kids wood stick crafts. Creating wood stick crafts is incredibly fulfilling and teaches kids how to follow instructions and use their ingenuity to create something extraordinary that they can be proud of. Trust us when we say, once you get them started they will be begging you for more.

Most adults certainly know how educating, fun and useful a hobby such as crafting is, and the greatest thing is that you can use these skills for the rest of your life. Crafting might be a little dangerous for younger kids, so we suggest adult supervision and the use of safety equipment. Once safety is put first, creating your project can be a great time for everyone.

If you are looking for a way to bring your family together and learn new skills in the process, then one of the following wood stick projects for kids will be just right for you.

Popsicle Stick Animals

What you will need:
· A few clean Popsicle sticks
· Some interesting animal face stickers
· Brushes and paint

· Begin with painting the sticks in a design and color of your choice, for example, if you are making bunny, paint the Popsicle stick gray or white then allow it to dry
· Make a small bunny face on a sticker and cut it out or you can buy ready-made stickers. Also make bunny feet.
· Stick the face on the edge of the stick and the feet on the other edge
· Use a double sided tape to hang the different animals you have created on the wall of your kid’s room.

Popsicle Stick Wind Chime

These instructions create a beautiful piece of art that you can hang on the corner of the ceiling.

What you will need:
· 50 Popsicle sticks
· Sequins/ beads/glitter
· Strong glue
· Strong thread for making the wind chime
· Flat, circular piece of wood

· Draw a star shape on a piece of paper and begin to place the sticks on each edge of the star then glue the tips together at every point where the sticks meet until you have used all the sticks.
· Use the same technique to make the rest of the stars, you should make five stars.
· Now decorate the starts with the sequins, beads, glitter, or any other decorative materials you may have
· Run the thread separately through each star using varying length so that each star hangs at a different length.
· Put the thread across each hook on a circular wooden hook.
· You will also need to fix another hook at the top of the circular disc so that it can hang.
· If you want the craft to chime, attach tiny bells at the edge of each star.

Popsicle Stick Lantern

What you will need:
· Several Popsicle stick
· Wax paper
· Glue
· Felt tip pens
· Stickers for decoration

· Stick 4 Popsicle sticks together to form a square shape and make four similar squares.
· Cut the wax paper as per the size of the squares with a margin of a half inch on all sides.
· Glue the wax paper to the square frame, fold the extra edges leaving only one end on each frame and glue.
· Once you have attached the wax paper on each frame, decorate them in your preferred designs.
· You can also cut different shapes of the wax paper such as baseballs, butterflies, flowers or cars.
· Glue together the Popsicle sticks on the edges to make the base of the lantern. It should be as big as four frames.
· Now place the decorated frames on the base and glue the remaining wax paper on the edge of the base to keep the frames together.
· After finishing, place a votive candle and watch the lantern light up.

You can make lanterns of different sizes and shapes using this idea.

Popsicle Stick Letter Rack

Materials needed:
· Popsicle sticks
· Good quality glue
· Decorative ribbons

· Place the Popsicle sticks side by side with the flat sides facing down and the long edges touching each other.
· Stick the sticks together on the edges to look almost similar to a miniature fence.
· Make three similar structures with 12, 6 and 3 sticks each. Place the structure with 12 sticks down then stick the structure with 3 sticks at 90 with the long edge touching the lower edge with the curved ends.
· Stick the remaining structure such that it is parallel to the structure with 12 sticks.
· Now make two stacks with 12 Popsicles, place them on the two parallel ends of the flat surface with 12 sticks so that they act like fillers between the two parallel surfaces. This closes the sides of the rack and makes it look like a nice sturdy structure.
· Using two sticks, make an upside down V shape and glue the ends to the top of the rack.
· Now paint the letter rack with colors of your choice or even use stickers and tattoos to give it a beautiful look. Create a ribbon flower and stick it on the rack as well.

The amazing thing about these projects is that they are ideal for all generations, whether young or old, there is a project that will fit your skill level.
Rogers Builders is pleased to present these kid’s crafting ideas for your little ones. For all of your building needs, visit Rogers Builders. We have an excellent team of experts who are ready to start on your next project and guarantee quality service every time.