Going Green: Trends in Environmentally Friendly Home Building

A long time ago, homes were made using materials that were environmentally friendly. From the Celts who used mud, straw and wattle to make their homes to the nomadic Mongolians who used felt and wooden yurts wagons to move from place to place. These catered for the shelter needs of the people who lived without harming the earth and making it unsafe for future generations.

With the advent of technology came many changes including in the construction of houses. Most of these were not environmentally friendly and are some of the reasons why global warming is on the rise. It is with concern in this regard that new homeowners are now demanding green homes. They are attempting to assist Mother Nature and make the earth a better place in which to live. Home builders are now tasked with making environmentally friendly homes. Here are just some of the measures they have put into place.

Saving Energy

To ensure that homes are using as little energy as possible, several measures have been put into place. The terms zero-carbon and zero-net energy homes have been adopted. Zero-net-energy homes are those that only use the energy they can produce whereas zero-carbon homes do not rely on fossil fuels for energy which produce greenhouse gases.

The methods that have been applied to achieve the aforementioned characteristics in homes include thick and insulated concrete walls that prevent heat loss or gain and V-shaped roofs among other measures.

Clean energy sources like solar power are now increasing in efficiency and popularity. Homeowners can now rely solely on solar energy to power their homes. Some even have additional power that they can then sell back to the power company for a profit. Installation of energy-efficient home appliances like washing machine, ovens, and refrigerators has a direct effect on the national grid. More energy is saved for future use. Green home builders are now encouraging homeowners to invest in only green appliances. A more environmentally friendly choice that homeowners can make is to use refrigerators that have hydrocarbon refrigerants.

Water Economy

Home builders and owners are encouraged to use as little water as possible. To add to this economy, home builders are now encouraging the inclusion of on-site water treatment stations at home. Water from the rain or snow may be tapped into tanks and treated for drinking whereas the gray water from the bathroom, sinks and laundry rooms may be treated and reused to flush toilets, for gardening and much more. This idea has been borrowed from the new technology that is treating waste water and converting it into drinking water. We see this happening all over the world, specifically in Singapore.

Green construction materials

Instead of building homes with traditional bricks, home builders have been advocating for the use of greener materials. Walls have been made from mycoform building blocks. These are recycled aluminum sheets with mycelium spores growing in them. The use of blocks made from plastic bottles has also been tried.  

The flooring options provided are also environmentally friendly home building materials. From bamboo floors to polyvinyl chlorides-free carpets to the latest earthened floors. In the latter, natural dirt is used as the preferred flooring. This is coated with beeswax and linseed oil making it look like coated concrete. This flooring, however does not work well in wet parts of the home like kitchens or bathrooms.

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Senior male reaching up to open filter holder for air conditioning filter in ceiling

Keep Your Air Ducts Clean…or Else!


Keeping air ducts clean is an important routine task that any homeowner should take on. Whether you opt to clean them yourself or pay a professional, it is absolutely necessary that you make certain your ducting gets cleaned regularly. It may seem like a harrowing task but in the end, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Here are top reasons that clean ducts are necessary for a healthy home.

What Is That Smell?

No one likes for their home to smell. However, if you do not do routine cleaning of your system a smelly house is a high probability. These areas collect many forms of bacteria and mold as well as just general dust and pet dander from everyday use. This builds up and causes your home to smell old and musty. You will be unable to get rid of the smell, no matter what you try, unless you have your ducting properly cleaned.

Having Trouble Breathing?

We can all agree that having healthy air is important for everyone whether you are indoors or outdoors. Those same things that cause the smell in your home can also lead to health problems. Breathing in these harmful substances can initiate respiratory issues in even the healthiest individuals. A good cleaning can help prevent this. Everyone wants to know that the air they breathe in every day is safe and clean. You cannot control what is outside, but you have the final say in the air inside your home.

Allergies Acting Up?

For a person with allergies, the problems could be even worse. Not only are they breathing in toxins that are harmful to everyone, but they are also breathing in allergens that can flare up their already sensitive respiratory systems. This can lead to constant allergy related problems that can be debilitating for some individuals. Cleaning these ducting systems is an integral part of keeping your home allergen free for the allergy sufferer in your family.

Are You Cold?

If your health and the smell of your home are not enough, maybe the life of your actual heating system is. It is known that regular maintenance can extend the life of your system dramatically. So by cleaning it regularly, you are in essence protecting it and saving money in the long run on repairs.

Did Someone Mention Money?

As we mentioned, keeping your ducting clean will save you money. That build-up of dust and mold prevents your equipment from running properly. This costs you quite a bit more on your heating or cooling bill each month. If you eliminate the build-up, you will see your costs decrease substantially. This will place more money in your pocket for other things you may need. Opting to keep it clean could pay for itself in the end.


Depending on the type of system you have, you may be creating a fire hazard by not following a cleaning routine. This is particularly the case in some older models. The built up particles become far more dangerous than respiratory problems and allergies. Many fires that start in a system are created by the lack of clean ducts.

While it may seem like an added expense you do not want to undertake or a task you do not wish to complete, it is important to maintain your duct work and keep it clean. Keep your family healthy and safe by having your ducting cleaned regularly.

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U.S. History’s Most Dangerous Construction Projects

Have you ever truly looked at some of the world’s most beautiful historical sites? Let’s talk about the history of the U.S. Some of the most dangerous construction projects in U.S. history also double as some of the most dangerous to construct. The projects are classified as dangerous due in part to the many lives that were lost during the building process. These are just a few of the most dangerous construction projects in our country’s history. You’ll be amazed.

Our first project was one that America was directly involved in; the building of the Panama Canal. The project was initially planned to be worked in conjunction with the French. During the 1880’s, over twenty thousand lives were lost at the building site. These were workers who were committed to seeing the success of the construction. In 1904 the United States took over the project. Even after this improvement which was thought to make the project more successful,  an additional five thousand lives were lost at the site. The construction was not easy, for it took the United States more than ten years to successfully complete the project.

Accidents were considered commonplace in many construction sites. We see this as we take a look at the Willow Island Disaster of 1978; one of the most dangerous construction projects in the history of the United States. In West Virginia, workers were building a cooling tower and the crane being used at the site crashed, causing several deaths. The workers were fast tracking the project to meet the deadline. The concrete that had been set at the site had not hardened and approximately 51 lives were lost in the disaster. This proved to be one very costly shortcut.

Chicago also had one of the most dangerous accidents in the United States. Our next disaster occurred in Lake Michigan and is known as the Lake Michigan water intake. A building was set offshore to help pump water to supply the city with fresh water. Tragedy struck when an explosion occurred in the store. Accessing the store was not easy due to the ice that now covered the lake. Even the rescue boat was not able to help much. More than fifty-three workers lost their lives.

Our next ultra-dangerous construction site involves the Twin Towers in New York City. During construction, one of the tallest towers in the word in the early 1970s caused the deaths of nearly 60 workers who were part of the construction team. There was initially some discrepancy in the exact number of workers killed, but a thorough investigation confirmed the number to be 60.  

In 1938 during the construction of the Fort Perk Dam in Montana the fate of most workers turned to death when they were buried in the dam. During the accident, 8 workers lost their lives and only two were recovered. In the entire construction of the dam, 43 additional workers were killed.

The construction of the famed Hoover Dam  was not without loss of lives. During the entire project, 112 lives were lost. In this case, it was not the falling walls but pneumonia due to exposure and machines and vehicles that were at the site and producing carbon monoxide.

Lastly, the building of the Erie Canal shocked the world with the extraordinary total number of deaths. More than 1000 lives were lost on the project. The cause of death was primarily malaria.

Even though these sites are all beautiful and most are still helpful to life as we know it today, their construction came with numerous challenges, namely, loss of life.

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After The Waters Subside: Steps to Take to Rebuild After a Flood

Nature can be a powerful force to be reckoned with as we saw recently with the devastating flooding in Baton Rouge. A flood can cause a minimal amount of damage or cause you to have to restore so much you feel as if you’re gutting your house completely; as if you’re starting from scratch with the building of your home. Unfortunately, no one can control the weather and the work has to be done, but the outcome will be well worth it once you and your family can move back home. You can also save in the process and – in the end – reward yourself for your hard work and sacrifice.

The first step in rebuilding after a flood like the one in Baton Rouge, is to guard repairable and undamaged items. There’s a chance that these items may become damaged after the flood has subsided. If mold and mildew have started accumulating in your home, they will grow until the house dries completely, and the proper steps are taken to remove these molds. Mildew will be the first to appear in the home; however, mildew is mold in the early stage. It only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold growths (or colonies) to start accumulating in a moist area. Once it has started to grow you shouldn’t use fans to dry a room. This will only cause the mold to spread. Remove all wet items in your home including carpeting as soon as possible.

The next step in rebuilding after a flood is to eliminate mold from clothing, bedding, and toys by cleaning and disinfecting the items. With clothes and bedding – add 1/4 cup of white vinegar to a load of laundry. Continue to wash in this manner until all traces of mold are gone, and clothes don’t have a moldy smell anymore. Complete this process by washing your clothes one more time with regular laundry detergent.

Any foods that had even a remote chance of getting damp should be discarded immediately. The only foods that should be saved are sealed, packaged foods that are still completely dry and canned goods that haven’t been dented or damaged. Remove labels on all cans. Wash sealed packages with a warm water/dishwashing liquid mix. For canned goods – scrub with a bristle brush in a strong detergent solution – then put them in a mix of 1 quart of warm water and two teaspoons of bleach for 15 minutes. Another solution is to boil for 10 minutes. It’s crucial to remove the labels since the paper can hold dangerous bacteria.

The sooner you can start cleaning the inside of your home the easier it will be to get rid of the mold and mildew growing in your walls, flooring, appliances, and ceilings. Make sure to wear gloves, a mask, and eye protection. You should have the area you’re working in at the time well ventilated. Disinfect all surfaces with a 10% bleach solution allowing the solution to sit for at least 10 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to get rid of mold or mildew on wallboard, plaster, or paneling. The best way to handle this situation is to remove all that has been soaked by flood waters at least to the flood level. If your home has the blown-in cellulose type of insulation, it’s best to get rid of this as well since it holds water for such a long time. Styrofoam and fiberglass batts can be reused if hosed off and dried thoroughly.

For insurance purposes, it’s best to take plenty of before and after pictures. Keep a daily activity log including any and all calls made to your insurance company and conversations that took place. Make sure to keep all of the receipts used to purchase everything – right on down to the cleaning supplies. And don’t throw any damaged materials away until your insurance company gives you the go-ahead.

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Should You Build a Detached Garage or Attached Garage?

The layout of your acreage is important because it can be expensive to modify it if you are wanting to make changes at a later date. One of the main features of any home is the garage. It can change the way your home looks entirely in addition to influencing the value of your home. For this reason, many people usually take a lot of time to contemplate the kind of garage they want. For example, you can choose between an attached and detached garage. Both of these options come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. You should understand the pros and cons of each building model so that you can make the best choice for your particular situation. Here is some critical information on these two types of garages that can help you make an informed decision.

Look at your home’s current layout

You cannot build a detached garage if there is not enough room to adequately allow for one on your land. Therefore, the first thing you ought to consider is the size of the lot where you would like to build a detached garage. Keep in mind, the optimal size for a detached garage that would fit two SUVs is 24 by 24 feet. You should opt for an attached garage if you cannot build such a garage this size for two SUVs and still have some space between your home and the garage. The shape of your home also matters. Will the detached garage hinder the front view of your house? Will it make it more difficult for you to see cars approaching or kids playing in the yard? These are the types of questions you want to ask yourself before choosing the type of garage that is best. You don’t want your detached garage to become more of a nuisance than a convenience after all of the work and expense you put forth having it built.

What is its purpose?

Building a detached garage requires a lot of effort, time, and money so it should all be worthwhile. Ask yourself, “Why it is important to have a detached garage?” What is your primary purpose for having a garage? This may sound like a silly question; of course people store their vehicles in their garages, however, some people use theirs for extra storage or as a workshop rather than vehicle storage. Some may use their garage as an office for their home-based business. In this case, a detached garage may be a better option since it would provide a quiet working environment. Conversely, if the type of work you are doing is noisy, then the detached garage may keep your work from interfering with the peace of your home. Sometimes, people convert a garage into additional living quarters. Doing so can be easier if you have a detached garage rather than one attached to your home.

Other things to consider when choosing your garage type:

You should look at the aesthetic aspects of building a detached or attached garage. Which one would make your home look more appealing? You should also look at the cost differences between the two. It is likely that a detached one is more expensive than an attached one mostly because building a detached garage is like building a miniature house. If the cost of the detached garage is beyond your financial means, then your choice is clear.

It is important to note that there are certain things you should do regardless of the type of garage that you choose. Fist, insulate your garage so that you do not have to spend a lot of money on heating or cooling. You should also focus on storage space for various household items like tools and old furniture as you build a garage. Finally, security is critical so make that this part of your home is as secure as possible.

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Read This Before Choosing a Fence for Your Yard

Having a home of your own comes with a lot of responsibilities, one of which is putting up a fence that meets your requirements. There are many choices as far as fences are concerned, and logistics come into play when you are figuring out the best fence for your home. Be it keeping your family pets and personal property well contained, enhancing the privacy of your home, or making a subtle boost to the value of your property, the best fence for you is that which meets your goals.

According to Keith Pickens, owner of “The Fence Guy” in Baltimore, Ohio, a lot of consideration needs to go into making the choice as to the type of fence you want before actually investing in one, for example, between opting for a wooden fence suited for privacy, and a simple picket fence. Generally though, and factoring in the fence size and type, you can have a new fence installed for anywhere from $2,600 to $8,000 on average. This is not pocket change for most Americans, so you ought to make the right decision the first time round. Additionally, the slope of your home also plays a part in dictating the overall cost of any particular fence.

Other recommended tips to consider while fencing your home by top ranked fencing organizations such as Rogers Builders are as follows.

Only opt for a fence that best suits your home

A fence is useful for a couple of reasons, ranging from privacy and keeping pets from running loose, to improving the value of your property. No matter what those reasons are, having a clear picture of them sets you on the right path during the process of choosing the best fence for you. However, it is the wise insight of Pickens that advises you to have your priorities straight, i.e. to put your needs well ahead of your wants rather than having it the other way round. For example, you might want a fence that offers you all the privacy you are looking for, but alternatively, you need a picket fence. Be wary though, the choice of a privacy fences isn’t the best one out there as it affects the resale value of your property should such a time presents itself. Pickens strongly advises against this choice. However, if you are in dire need of privacy, vinyl or wooden fencing techniques come in handy, though Jennifer Penchanec (manager with Chesapeake Custom Builders) discloses that vinyl fencing for privacy purposes isn’t the best due to its widely spaced panels.

The maintenance factor

As long as you have, or plan to have a fence in the foreseeable future, then you can never kick maintenance out the door. In this case, make a choice based on the amount of time you are willing to spare tending and maintaining your fence. Again, according to Pickens, the wooden fencing option is a superb one when it comes down to adding value to your home, but it comes with a lot of demand for maintenance. In the case of aluminum and/or vinyl fencing options, the level of attention and upkeep is less making them a popular choice among many. Nonetheless, repairing them can prove to be quite a taxing task, more than, even, the wooden type of fencing. As a matter of fact, in most cases, people who have used vinyl/aluminum fencing have had to replace the entire fence after damage due to lack of the same exact material they initially chose.

Visit your neighborhood’s HOA

The homeowner’s association has clear guidelines in terms of the right standards of materials you are to use for your fence as well as its height. Make sure you check in with their guidelines before going ahead with your fencing project.

Find a reputable contractor

For many, fencing invites a DIY option, but given the nature of the work to be done and tools required, the best thing is to hire a professional contractor who has a reputation for quality work like Rogers Builders. Always make a point of checking the organization’s licenses and status to avoid being scammed. Additionally, be sure to follow up on the acquisition of the building permits by the respective company. A professional contractor will always offer a map or layout of your property in a bid to mark out the boundary of the property for the best fencing experience.

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metal roofing

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Asphalt And Metal Roofing : Part 2

As promised, we bring to you part 2 of our series on the advantages and disadvantages of asphalt and metal roofing. In Part 2, we focus on metal roofing.

Advantages of Metal Roofing:

Long-lasting and weather-resistant

Metal is exceptionally resistant to weather, and some copper and zinc metal roofs in Europe have been reported to last for over a century. Generally, a metal roof can be expected to last for about 60 years; but if it is well-maintained, it can last for much longer. Many metal roof manufacturers usually give warranties of about 50 years. A metal roof prevents leaks and it is also wind-resistant and fire-proof. There are insurance companies which reduce premiums by up to 30 percent if one installs weather-resistant metal roofing.


Metal is extremely light, and an aluminum roof can weigh just a quarter of the weight of an asphalt roof. Steel is a bit heavier, but it is still lighter when compared to asphalt.


As a roofing material, metal is a very energy-efficient. It reflects heat, making the house remain cooler during summertime. In addition, metal roofs are often made using recyclable material.

Disadvantages of Metal Roofing:

Expansion and contraction

A metal roof may expand and contract considerably. This may interfere with its performance in the long run and make it less watertight. However this depends on the way it is installed. Hire a trusted professional like Rogers Builders to do the job and the work will be done properly and guaranteed.

Industrial appearance

Metal has long been used to build agricultural buildings like barns. It can therefore look bit industrial when used for residential houses

Quite costly

The biggest disadvantage of installing metal roof is cost. A metal roof costs, on average, three times more than an asphalt one. Other metals such as stainless steel, zinc and copper cost even much more.

Poor past record

Some time back, roofs made using corrugated metal corroded in less than ten years, particularly in places near the sea. This caused them to be perceived as not being durable. Nowadays however, metal roofs are made using special resins and alloys which means they are very resistant to corrosion, heat and heavy rain.

Some low quality products on the market

While high-grade metal roofs are widely available, there are also some low-quality metal roofs on the market. Building experts caution against using such products, particularly for people living close to the sea.

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roof replacement

The Best Season For Roof Replacement

If your roof is made of asphalt shingles and it has reached the end of its lifespan (around 20 years), it may be time to consider replacing it. Roof replacement projects require several considerations, most important of which is what contractor you want to hire to do the job. That’s where Rogers Builders comes in. Give us a call, we’ll give you an estimate. In the mean time, here are some basic things to consider when you are thinking of having your roof replaced.

The Best Season

You need to think about the most appropriate season to get a roofing contractor such as Rogers Builders to install your new roof. It is not advisable to replace your roof during winter. Generally speaking if you live somewhere where it snows or even gets super cold, the snow and ice will make work harder and the cold temperatures may result in the roofing materials hardening and becoming brittle to work with safely. The shingles may even crack while being installed. The cold conditions will also mean that the roof contractor’s tools do not work well, sealants are not effective and shingles take too long to bond.

If you plan to replace your roof in spring but your roof has serious problems or is in a state of severe deterioration, it is better to wait until fall. The winter conditions may have aggravated the problem due to the accumulation and refreezing of the ice and snow. However, you can replace your roof during spring if your roof has no issues. One key advantage of doing it at this time is that the roofing materials are likely to be cheaper since it is not a busy time for the roofing industry. Early summer is also a good time to do the replacement. As summer progresses however, the high temperatures and humid conditions may soften the shingles and affect their durability. They can also get scuffed when someone steps on them.

Fall is by far the best time for roof installation. The cooler temperatures (ranging from 45 degrees to 85 degrees F) means that the installers can work for longer periods and the installation process is easier. Another advantage is that the shingles will get sufficient time to seal effectively before winter arrives. However, it also the busiest time for the roofing industry. Ensure you call Rogers Builders and make early arrangements before our schedule fills up.

Save on Costs

During the busiest periods for the contractors, roof installation becomes more expensive. Many people wait until winter is around the corner before deciding to have their roofs replaced. It is therefore advisable to make plans to replace your roof before this period if you want to save some money.

Plan Ahead

Roof replacement is generally a costly undertaking. As a result, a lot of house owners postpone doing it for as long as they can. When they finally get round to doing the project, they are usually prompted by an emergency situation such as the roof leaking badly. Waiting until a problem crops up is a bad idea since the problem may also damage other areas of your home. This means you will incur extra costs when repairing the damage.

You will make well thought-out decisions when you plan ahead and do the roof replacement before an emergency situation arises. Roof installation is a significant investment that will have a great bearing on how your home looks and how comfortable it is to live in. Roof repairs are also one of the most important jobs that can be done on your home, so be sure to give Rogers Builders a call. Our team of builders puts their knowledge and experience to work for you; guaranteed satisfaction every time.