5 Things to Consider Before Building a Deck

A deck adds a little something special to a home and increases its resale value should you choose to sell. Building a deck is an ideal opportunity to give your home a comfy, inviting spot surrounded by nature where you and your family can rest and relax after a long day, but before you have the deck built, there are a few things that you should consider that will help you build a beautiful outdoor area.


A well designed deck is an expression of your lifestyle and an extension of your home. Its decorative details, size and style should match your taste and fit the purpose of the deck. In addition to that, it should also complement the environment and connect to the natural elements of your home. The purpose of a deck dictates its features, shape as well as size.

A deck to hold family dinners:
The deck for this purpose should be built in such a way that the dinner table fits comfortably and leaves enough space for movement.

A deck to hold cocktail parties and barbecues:
Enough room should be left to act as the preparation station and servicing area. Built in perimeter seating should also be added

A deck to sit back and relax
Most decks are built for this purpose; to serve as a place where you can enjoy the outdoor air as you read a book or just relax. Such a deck should have a zone for low tables, lounge chairs and a sunny or shady spot. A fireplace could also be added to warm the chilly nights.


Before building the deck, you should consider the best materials to use. The aesthetic aspect of the materials is not all that matters; their maintenance, affordability and durability are important details to take into consideration. The three most common decking materials are:

Softwood Decking
Softwood decking is ideal for budget conscious homeowners. It includes fir, cedar, spruce and pine. It is renewable and requires little or no maintenance. Keep in mind, however, it is best to only use timber that is pressure treated.

Hardwood Decking
Hardwood decking such as balau, mahogany, ash and oak is harder to wear compared to softwood decking but is more expensive. It requires maintenance at least once in five years to protect from rot and prolong its life.

Composite Decking
This is a fairly new type of decking material. The boards are a blend of plastic resin with wood fibres and they have a raised grain pattern that looks like wood. They are durable and require low maintenance. A major drawback of composite decking is that they lack strength and they are more expensive.


The design and pattern of the deck is mainly determined by its location and budget. To avoid overspending when building a deck, you should have a set budget before you begin building.

How you intend to use the deck also determines its design as well as size. The number of people that will use the deck at any one time as well as the size of the hot tub, BBQ or patio furniture that it should accommodate will play a role in the design of the deck as well.

Finishing Touches

The right finishing details gives a deck its individuality. The furniture and the style of the home influences how the woodwork will be trimmed and which fixtures to use. Some of the finishing touches to consider are:

Riser Light
This makes the stairs to the deck safe to climb especially when it is dark.

Post Base Trim
This is a beautiful way to hide the imperfect cuts and give the deck a better finished look.

Post Cap
This feature keeps water from getting to the end grain.

Lattice Skirt
This keeps critters out and hides the structure but allows ventilation.

Rules and Regulations

The construction and other aspects of a deck including its size are covered by local building codes. There are also guidelines on the materials to use, the finishing, and the appearance of handrail that should be followed when constructing a deck. Decks are easily visible and violation of the rules and regulations can lead to disaster or even lead to the forced demolition of the structure.

Construction of a deck requires the use of special equipment and expertise that most homeowners may lack, hence the need to hire a construction company. Rogers Builders is the construction company that can fill any construction or renovation needs. Contact us today for all your deck construction needs.