Senior male reaching up to open filter holder for air conditioning filter in ceiling

Keep Your Air Ducts Clean…or Else!


Keeping air ducts clean is an important routine task that any homeowner should take on. Whether you opt to clean them yourself or pay a professional, it is absolutely necessary that you make certain your ducting gets cleaned regularly. It may seem like a harrowing task but in the end, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Here are top reasons that clean ducts are necessary for a healthy home.

What Is That Smell?

No one likes for their home to smell. However, if you do not do routine cleaning of your system a smelly house is a high probability. These areas collect many forms of bacteria and mold as well as just general dust and pet dander from everyday use. This builds up and causes your home to smell old and musty. You will be unable to get rid of the smell, no matter what you try, unless you have your ducting properly cleaned.

Having Trouble Breathing?

We can all agree that having healthy air is important for everyone whether you are indoors or outdoors. Those same things that cause the smell in your home can also lead to health problems. Breathing in these harmful substances can initiate respiratory issues in even the healthiest individuals. A good cleaning can help prevent this. Everyone wants to know that the air they breathe in every day is safe and clean. You cannot control what is outside, but you have the final say in the air inside your home.

Allergies Acting Up?

For a person with allergies, the problems could be even worse. Not only are they breathing in toxins that are harmful to everyone, but they are also breathing in allergens that can flare up their already sensitive respiratory systems. This can lead to constant allergy related problems that can be debilitating for some individuals. Cleaning these ducting systems is an integral part of keeping your home allergen free for the allergy sufferer in your family.

Are You Cold?

If your health and the smell of your home are not enough, maybe the life of your actual heating system is. It is known that regular maintenance can extend the life of your system dramatically. So by cleaning it regularly, you are in essence protecting it and saving money in the long run on repairs.

Did Someone Mention Money?

As we mentioned, keeping your ducting clean will save you money. That build-up of dust and mold prevents your equipment from running properly. This costs you quite a bit more on your heating or cooling bill each month. If you eliminate the build-up, you will see your costs decrease substantially. This will place more money in your pocket for other things you may need. Opting to keep it clean could pay for itself in the end.


Depending on the type of system you have, you may be creating a fire hazard by not following a cleaning routine. This is particularly the case in some older models. The built up particles become far more dangerous than respiratory problems and allergies. Many fires that start in a system are created by the lack of clean ducts.

While it may seem like an added expense you do not want to undertake or a task you do not wish to complete, it is important to maintain your duct work and keep it clean. Keep your family healthy and safe by having your ducting cleaned regularly.

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