Ideas for Small Bathrooms

If you live in the city, in a smaller house, or your house just happens to have a small bathroom, you may find it difficult to come up with ways to upgrade it and make it look nicer or more modern. It would be helpful to know how to make small bathrooms comfortable, beautiful, and useful despite the small size. Try these ideas from Rogers Builders to make your bathroom seem bigger and better. Saving space, using the right colors, and utilizing certain lighting with just a few clever designs ideas can help you achieve the look you’re going for.

Sometime in the morning, more than one person may be needing to use the sink to get ready for work or school. Most people opt to build two sinks to sort out this issue. Small bathrooms sometimes may not have the space to accommodate two sinks. The smart compromise is building one long sink with two faucets. This enable two people to use the one sink at the same time while utilizing less space than two sinks.

Towel racks are a big part of the bathroom and should be installed so that it is conveniently placed and saves on wall space. Towel bars can be installed on the washstand to prevent having the bars hung in inconvenient areas of the bathroom.

Furniture in the bathroom makes a tremendous difference in determining how your bathroom looks. Ensure that every piece of furniture in the bathroom has a function and does not take up unnecessary space. Big cabinets are not recommended as they would look too bulky in a smaller bathroom. Open shelving or floating shelves make storage fashionable, while wooden crates drilled into the wall, can be used instead of large furniture. Open shelves allow you to display the colorful towels and bathrobes making the bathroom feel more open.

Bright colors add warmth to anything. The play of colors and light in the bathroom can transform it from a sullen space, to a place that gets you amped and ready for the day. The colors should add depth to the bathroom and show creativity. Ensure that the flow of light is not interrupted by anything in the bathroom. The line of sight being clear makes the room appear larger while beautiful colors bring life into the bathroom. It is however important that you do not overwhelm the room, let everything; from the tiles to the walls, blend together.

The bathroom should be a place to prepare for a new day and unwind after a long busy day. You should make sure that it is a place you look forward to going by making it beautiful and full of warmth. If you have a small bathroom and you would like to try some of these ideas, contact Rogers Builders today to get the renovations done quickly and professionally.